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Submit Abstracts to NCBDS 2020

The submission and review of abstracts for NCBDS 2020 will be managed through an online conference paper management system called EasyChair. The following tutorial is intended to support authors as they set up EasyChair accounts and submit their abstracts.

The NCBDS 2020 Steering Committee invites abstract authors to participate in the review process. Please indicate if you would like to be considered as a reviewer when submitting your abstract. The committee will also solicit reviewers who are not authors.

In the event that you need help during abstract submission, please contact the NCBDS 2020 Steering Committee at

Download abstract template.



1. Set Up an Account as an Author

Visit to create your EasyChair username and password. You will be directed to the page shown below. Check the "I am not a robot" box and then click "Continue."


Figure 1: EasyChair submission tutorial


Next, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the form (as shown below) and click on "Continue."


Figure 2: EasyChair submission tutorial


After registering, you will receive an email similar to the one pictured below. Use the link provided in the email to continue the account registration process.


Figure 3: EasyChair submission tutorial

Fill out all of the required information (as shown below), and click the "Create My Account" button to finalize the account registration process.


Figure 4: EasyChair submission tutorial


After your account is registered, you may log in to NCBDS 2020 simply by clicking on the "Click link to log in to EasyChair" link (as shown below), or on the EasyChair website for the NCBDS 36 (


Figure 5: EasyChair submission tutorial


NOTE: If your username appears to be taken, it is possible that you have signed up for EasyChair in the past for another conference. In this case, you simply need to ask the system to remind you of your password based on your username.



2. Submit Your Abstract(s)


After logging in to the EasyChair website for NCBDS 36 (, you may click on the "New Submissions" link located in the top left corner of the menu bar to submit a new abstract (as shown below).


 Figure 6: EasyChair submission tutorial


Follow the on-screen instructions and fill out all required information (as seen below) about the authors.

NOTE: You must use the same email address that you used when creating your account.


Figure 7: EasyChair submission tutorial


Enter the title of your abstract, the text for the abstract, the keywords, and the topics (as shown below). Please indicate if you would like to be considered for reviewing abstracts for this conference.

Please also format your text with images using the abstract template (download template here) and upload the file by clicking on "Choose File." This will allow the reviewers to view an overview of your submission.


Figure 8: EasyChair submission tutorial


Click on the "Submit" link to submit your abstract (as seen below).


Figure 9: EasyChair submission tutorial


After completing a submission, a new menu bar ("Submission #," or "My Submissions" in the case of multiple submissions) is created (as seen below). Click on "Submission #" to change any information about the submission.


Figure 10: EasyChair submission tutorial


At the end of the submission procedure (for either a new submission or an update of an old one), you will receive a confirmation email from Once the review process is complete, you will receive an acceptance/rejection notification with reviews by email.



Abstracts Due

Nov 23, 2020

Notification of Acceptance

Dec 11, 2020

Full Paper Due

Feb 1, 2021


Apr 1 - 3, 2021


Virtual; online conference hub to go live in March 2021


Early Bird: $230.00 ends on Feb. 18th

Regular: $255.00 ends on Mar. 18th

Late: $280 ends on Mar. 19th

Student: $230.00


Melbern G. Glasscock Center for Humanities Research, Texas A&M University