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This event would not have been possible without the help and support of a great many people. We are grateful to all the contributors, including:

National Conference on the Beginning Design Student (NCBDS): Jim Sullivan and Past Chairs

College of Architecture, Texas A&M University

Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University

Melbern G. Glasscock Center for Humanities Research, Texas A&M University

Steering Committee Members:

Andrew R. Tripp, Weiling He, and James Michael Tate

Lectures and Exhibitions Committee Member:

Shawn Lutz

Supporting Staff:

Julie Wilson, Melinda Randle, Benny Chan Lee, Shauna Ramos, and Tommie Ward

Student Assistants:

Patricia Rocha de Murga, Maggie Martin, and Benjamin Baaske

Copy Editors:

Mariel Ortega and Hannah Andrews

Graphic Designer:

Sean Yendrys

Presentation Moderators:

Ross Wienert, University of Houston; Massimo Santanicchia, Iceland University of the Art; Victoria McReynolds, Texas Tech University; Livia Catao Cartaxo Loureiro, Texas A&M University; Alyssa Kuhns, Auburn University; Silvina Lopez Barrera, Mississippi State University; Jonathan Scelsa, Pratt Institute; Mark Alan Blumberg, Auburn University; Tim Karoleff, University of Louisiana Lafayette; Nate Imai, Texas Tech University; Cruz Garcia, Virginia Tech;  Andrew Hawkins, Texas A&M University; Emmanuel Moreno, El Paso City College; Cathy Braasch, Penn State University; David Kennedy, Auburn University; Andrea Johnson, Savannah College of Art and Design; Sarah Gamble, University of Florida; Palmyra Geraki, University of Illinois Chicago; Marcelo Lopez-Dinardi, Texas A&M University; Sharone Tomer, Virginia Tech; Bradley Horn, City College of New York; Kristin Barry, Ball State University; and Jessica Colangelo, University of Arkansas

Presentation Hosts:

Rohit Kumar, Jared Labus, Tomas Hoyos, Di Liu, Camryn Craven, Dalton Gibbons, Trinity Templin, Xi Zhao, Daniel Wang Yu, Evelyn Ringhofer, and Jared Thome, Texas A&M University

Special thanks to Jorge A. Vanegas, Dean, College of Architecture; Dawn Jourdan, Executive Associate Dean, College of Architecture; Gregory A. Luhan,The Ward V. Wells Endowed Professor of Architecture and Department Head of Architecture; and Robert Warden, Professor, Department of Architecture